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Social Security Verifications

Comprehensive Verification Services for Your Business

Social Security Trace

The Social Security Trace does not go through the Social Security Administration. Instead, it gathers information from several separate entities that a person would have had to give their name and SSN number to. The trace gathers all the information and will give you the person’s name, corresponding SSN, other names used with that SSN, current and prior addresses associated with the SSN.

Why is the Social Security Trace so important?
The Social Security Trace has been the foundation for comprehensive background checks for a very long time. The significance of it is due to the information that it provides which becomes a guide for other location based searches, such as Criminal Record Checks. This initial search tool helps determine where other location-based background checks should be initiated and what alias names to be aware of when conducting those checks.

As an example, a Criminal Record Check is searched by cross referencing an exact name and Date of Birth. If the subject has an alias name that they were convicted under, but you didn’t have any information of that alias, you would never request a criminal check under that name. Because the Trace also lists current and prior addresses, you know the location to request the Criminal Record Search as well.

This is also great information to cross reference with the subject’s application or resume!

Social Security Number Verification via Social Security Administration:

Social Security Number verifications through the Social Security Administration is valid for employers after a hire. They must call a special department, give their company name, EIN number and possibly other identifying information. Then spell the subject’s name as it appears on their employment records and gives the corresponding SSN. The representative will either confirm that the name matches the SSN, or won’t, however, they will not give you any other information except to ask the employee to visit the nearest Social Security Administration office.