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Implementing a Drug Testing Program

DDS comprehensive drug testing services.

Implementing a Drug Testing Program

With the exception of federally mandated Drug Testing Policy and Procedures, the average business should take certain and specific steps to ensure a legal and compliant Drug Testing Program.

Because there are many different choices a business can make when implementing their Drug Testing Program, it is important to establish what you want to accomplish. It sounds simple, but there are factors that must be considered to assure that once implemented, the program will accomplish the goal.

When DDS is assigned the task of developing and implementing a Drug Testing Program, we follow the same protocol that has made us one of the most trusted Employment Due Diligence firms in the United States. Our 3 step process ensures a successful program.

1. Discuss the goals that the business wants to achieve through the specific regulated or non-regulated program.

2. Develop a specific Game Plan and strategy to achieve those goals.

3. Implement the customized Policy and Program that will initiate the road to success!