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Employment Verification

Comprehensive Verification Services for Your Business

Employment Verification

All Employment Verifications are conducted by the DDS Verifications Team who contacts each employer directly, unless the records are held by a third party, at which time we will retrieve the information from them.

According to Statistic Brain, a leading statistical research company, about 53% of resumes and applications contain incorrect information and falsifications. 29% show altered employment dates and 40% have inflated salaries. If employment information isn’t verified, an employer can easily make a poor and costly hiring mistake.

Employment Verifications are used to substantiate employment information entered on a job application or on the applicant’s resume. Within the general inquiry, DDS also obtains as a minimum: Dates of Employment, Job Title, reason for separation from the employer and if they would be eligible for Re-Hirable by that employer, unless the information does not come directly from the employer, but instead comes from a third party company who holds the records electronically for the employer. If that is the case, DDS will obtain all allowable information within that database.

DDS is proud of the information it provides regarding Employment Verifications. We do everything possible to get the information that you pay for. We do not have a “3 and out” rule, whereby after 3 attempts to contact an employer or get the required information the order is closed out so the client gets the results within the accepted turnaround time. Our Verification staff is results oriented and, as a rule will provide you with all requested information within the accepted turnaround timeframe.

DDS also conducts D.O.T. Employment Verifications, where additional questions are mandatory to ask and be answered by the employer.

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