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Substances of abuse and the workplace

DDS comprehensive drug testing services.

Substances of abuse and the workplace

It is no secret that today there are more substances of abuse readily available around the country. Because of the availability and the culture helping to create an epidemic that is sweeping the nation, it is so important for every business to protect themselves, their employees, their reputation, public trust and all the other factors that can contribute to a business’s success or failure.

DDS has become the guiding light to companies across the country who want and need to address the issue of implementing a comprehensive Drug and Alcohol free workplace. We help employers accomplish this through education, awareness, policy development, implementation and maintenance.

If the there is a little voice in the back of your head questioning

the morality, grievances, overreaction, expenses or legal claims as a reason not to implement a comprehensive program … Let me ask you this … Would you want to work next to, or count on a coworker who was under the influence of an illegal or addictive substance or alcohol? You might say that what they do is none of your business because it doesn’t affect you, but you would be wrong! Their probable subpar performance and abnormal characteristics and behavior could not only be detrimental to them, but could affect you, or any other coworker in an adverse way.

Now, if that little voice considers how that type of work environment could negatively affect you directly or indirectly, don’t you think other employees could feel the same way?

Because employees are the backbone of every strong business, don’t employers deserve the best representation they can get?