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Driving Records

Background check and employment screening for businesses and individuals.

Driving Records

A person’s Driving Record is another piece of the puzzle that can help determine their overall personality profile, responsibility, character and accountability. This is extremely important in a hiring scenario.

Almost every industry having to do with driving or drivers, are mandated to check Driving Records for both Pre and Post employment. This is beneficial for the driver and the company hiring. A driver with a good driving record has a better chance of landing a driving job, and the employer has a better chance of keeping the employee for a long period of time and keeping their insurance premiums at a lower rate.

An employee’s driver record can be checked by ordering the employee’s motor vehicle report from the Department of Motor Vehicles in the state where the employee is licensed. As in any Pre-Employment due diligence scenario, the subject must authorize this action by signing a release form. Without a signed release, the Department of Motor Vehicles will not release a driver’s record other than to the employee who owns the record. Although each state Department of Motor Vehicles may have separate processes and forms, the same steps are generally followed to obtain this information.

DDS has electronic access to all State Motor Vehicle Departments that have electronic capabilities for fast turnaround times as well as accurate and compliant reporting.

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