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Alcohol Screening

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Alcohol Screening

It is and has always been obvious to every employer that alcohol use disables employees as much or more than certain drugs. That is why Alcohol Testing has become a standardized part of a comprehensive Drug & Alcohol Free Workplace.

Alcohol Screening can be conducted for different things and in different ways.

Different things:
There are two measures of alcohol in the system. One is “Breath Alcohol” and the other is “Blood Alcohol”. As the names indicate, a Breath Alcohol test measures alcohol levels in your breath and lungs via a Breathalyzer or similar test, while a Blood Alcohol Test measures alcohol levels that have already been absorbed into the blood stream via a blood test.

Different Ways:

If a Breath Alcohol Test (BrAC) is given at the exact time that a Blood Alcohol Test (BAC) is given, both levels should be the same. However this is almost never the case. As you can imagine, the time it takes for alcohol to leave your breath and lungs is different from the time it takes to get out of your blood stream.

What Method Do you Use?

As it relates to your Alcohol Free Workplace program, Breath Alcohol testing is the standard. Testing can be accurately accomplished through either a Breathalyzer, the subject blows into the unit, where the breath alcohol content is digitally analyzed. The other accepted method is through an Oral Fluid (Saliva) Alcohol test. The subject places a swab in their mouth between their cheek and gum and saturates it. The swab is then placed in a unit to measure the breath alcohol content.

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Examples of Alcohol Screening Kits

Digital Breathalyzer Test

Oral Swab Breathalyzer Test