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Sex Offender Registry

Background check and employment screening for businesses and individuals.

National Sex Offender Registry

Prior to 2005, the only way to search a Sex Registry was by State. The information included in each state registry was and is still determined by the corresponding state laws, which are not consistent throughout the U.S.

Although each state jurisdiction still controls the information provided, the continuity between the states has become more consistent, and even more important is that the states now share their information through a National Sex Offender Registry.

Although most cases on the registry correspond to an individual’s sexual criminal record conviction, some do not due to criminal law statutes. That means that you may not find a criminal record on an individual but may still find them on the Sex Offender Registry.

The National Sex Offender Registry has become a standard search in the Pre-Employment Screening process.

Note: DDS monitors any lag time between the individual State Sex Offender Registry and the National Sex Offender Registry. If we determine that there is a significant or unreasonable lag time, we will also search the State Registry that corresponds to the applicant’s residence(s) at no charge.

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