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Statewide County Criminal Searches

Background check and employment screening for businesses and individuals.

Statewide / County Criminal Searches

As described in the Background Check section, Criminal records are held in different repositories. When a case is first heard in court, it is at the County level. All case documentation is kept at the county courthouse or repository.There are many states that have mandated their counties to upload the county criminal records to a single State Repository. There are other states that only suggest their counties upload the county criminal records. And then there are states that have not adopted a Statewide Criminal Repository program at all.

The inconsistency of uploads from County to State repositories makes it difficult for an employer to
determine where they will get the best information.

DDS monitors all State Criminal Repositories, their respective counties and compares the following:

  • Completeness of Information
  • Accuracy of Information
  • Lag times – Time it takes for the State repository to receive the information from the County.

Only by monitoring this information can an employer determine if a
Statewide Criminal Repository search is effective.

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