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First Things First

DDS comprehensive drug testing services.

First Things First

Drug Testing as part of the Employee Screening environment has been a standard practice by businesses across the country for over 25 years and even longer for many government workers, government contractors and other business entities and industries who must comply with Federal mandates regarding Drug Testing.

It has been well documented that a drug free workplace is a safer and more productive environment than the alternative. Although almost all employers agree with this statement, many are not sure how to proceed in setting up policy and a program that will fit their needs. Of course any business entities or industries who are under Federal Drug Testing compliance mandates have specific parameters to follow regarding policy, procedures, implementation and maintenance of their programs.

At DDS, we encourage all potential clients to know the facts about a drug free work environment and offer FREE consultation on how to implement a policy and program that fits their needs.

DDS can take care of every aspect of the Drug Testing program so our clients have one less thing to worry about. This includes Policy recommendations as well as Drug Testing for Pre-Employment, Post-Employment, Periodic, Random, Reasonable Suspicion and Back to Work.

DDS will also provide convenient Collection Sites throughout the country as well as on-site collections and mobile units if and when necessary.
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By the way, if you’re wondering……
The following are the top 6 reasons that employers choose a drug free workplace:

1. To maintain productivity: At this time of heightened national concern about the competitiveness of American business, employers cannot afford to carry significant numbers of employees who are one-third less productive because they have drugs in their systems.

2. To protect employees and customers: Workers on drugs present a clear and present danger to themselves, co-workers, and members of the public. Employers cannot and should not allow the safety and health of others to be jeopardized by drug abusers in the workplace.

3. To contain health care costs: Drug users are not only more likely to injure others on the job, they also incur four times the medical expenses of the average employee. Some state workers’ compensation laws deny overage if the injury resulted from the use of illicit drugs or alcohol. Taking advantage of these statutes is virtually impossible without testing.

4. To deter drug use: If drug users know a company makes “being drug-free” a condition of employment, they are more likely to refrain from illegal drug use or to apply for employment elsewhere.

5. To rehabilitate employees: To the extent that drug testing uncovers drug dependency problems and forces people to face up to them, drug testing can be constructive, humane and even life-saving.

6. To help the community: By addressing the drug abuse problem effectively, employers “do their part” in addressing the needs of the community. All segments of society must fight the war on drugs.