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Federal Searches

Background check and employment screening for businesses and individuals.

Federal Searches

Federal cases are divided into Criminal, Civil, and Bankruptcy. They are also divided by districts rather than counties or states. A Federal District can encompass several cities or counties and even cross state lines. The defendants are identified by NAME ONLY, so there could be multiple matches, especially with a common name.

The DDS Research Team will cross reference each name, case date and case jurisdiction to determine if the applicant could have been in that jurisdiction duration the timeframe of the case. We will then eliminate names that don’t fit that criteria. Once the names list is narrowed down to a few, we will continue the investigation through other methods to determine if the name and the applicant are a match.

DDS is able to search Federal Records by District or Nationally. We will guide you as to the best search for your needs and add that service to your customized menu of services, or in a customized package.

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