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Education Verification

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Education Verification

There is an unacceptable percentage of individuals who falsify their education when trying to land a job. Education Verifications are designed to confirm the dates of attendance, major subject(s) of study and graduation date (if applicable).

According to Statistic Brain, a leading national statistical research source:

21% of Resumes state fraudulent degrees
70% of College students surveyed would lie on their resume to get the job that they want

There are so many examples of people getting caught well after they acquired prominent positions, including heads of Universities, Doctors, Lawyers and others in different professionals, vocations and job titles.

It is no wonder why Education Verifications have become a standard search within the Employment Due Diligence process!

The DDS Verifications Team contacts each educational institution directly to obtain the information, unless the records are kept by a third party, at which time we will retrieve the information from them.

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