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Drug Testing Kits

DDS comprehensive drug testing services.

Drug Testing Kits

Drug Testing Kits are the appliances which provide the containment of samples that are analyzed by the laboratory or other means.

Drug Testing Kits fall into two main categories:

1. Drug Testing Kits that contain samples (Urine, Oral Fluid or Hair) for analyzation by a laboratory.

2. “Instant” Drug Testing Kits that contain samples (Urine or Oral Fluid), analyze the sample within minutes.

Normally, for “On Site” Drug Testing, the collector will provide the Drug Testing Kits.

Note: The Instant Kits are designed as an initial “screen” and not a confirmatory analysis. Although this method can be used as a quick turnaround for “negative” (NO DRUGS DETECTED) results, any “positive” (DRUGS FOUND) results should be confirmed by a certified laboratory. Many Instant Drug Testing Kits can be sent directly to a certified laboratory (with proper “chain of custody” form) for the confirmatory analysis.

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Example of Drug Testing Kits

Laboratory Collection Kits

Instant Drug Testing Kits