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What is a Background Check

Background check and employment screening for businesses and individuals.

Introduction to Background Checks

Because the phrase “Background Checks” is used so frequently by so many, it is assumed that the phrase itself defines the individual services that make up the phrase. When in fact, the phrase “Background Checks” is a generic description of pre and post-employment due diligence services.

DDS has an extremely diversified menu of due diligence services. However, it does not mean that you need all of them, or even a large percentage of them to satisfy your employment due diligence needs. We are here to strategically develop a comprehensive and compliant program that will utilize the specific services needed to protect your company and achieve your goals regarding the employment due diligence process.

DDS has a 3 step program to determine exactly what you need and why. This method has worked for us and our clients for close to 40 years! Although we are a pioneer in the employment due diligence industry, DDS continues to evolve with the times to ensure our clients they are receiving the best protection available as it relates to the pre and post hiring due diligence process.

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