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Credit Bureau Reporting

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Credit Bureau Reporting

Credit Bureau Reporting as it relates to both Pre and Post Employment screening has relevant information aspects that may help in a hiring or promotion decision. However, there are now jurisdictions which prohibit this information from inclusion as part of a Pre-Employment comprehensive background policy, with few exceptions.

The most likely reason for two different opinions as to the relevance of this type of reporting information is as follows … For advocates of this type of reporting, the information is used as a piece of the puzzle to help determine if the individual meets certain characteristic expectations of an employee representing the company he or she is applying to. It is not used as a “stand alone” or the deciding hiring factor. Any person can go through a time where their credit score is not optimal. There can be specific circumstances having nothing to do with their character. However there are pieces of information contained in a Consumer Credit Report that may have a bearing on an individual’s character and history when combined with other pieces of information contained in a comprehensive background investigation.

Most who oppose this type of reporting information as part of a comprehensive background investigation, do so because they are convinced that an employer should not have access to the information contained in a credit report and believe the only aspect of information being weighed as a determining factor in the hiring process is their credit score or payment history. That reasoning has not been factually accurate amongst employers who we have serviced for decades. In our opinion, that jurisdictional opposition to what can be vital information for an employer, seems to be more of a political and cultural position than a rebuttal based on the actual usage of information provided.

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