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Civil Records

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Civil Records

Civil Records pertain to any case that has to do with a person or entity (including the government) wanting monetary, real estate or other assets that they feel are owed to them.

As in Criminal Records, Civil Records are segmented into different jurisdictions. Municipal, State and Federal.

Civil Records are a group of public records that pertain to civil registry records, civil family matters and non-criminal civil offenses. These records vary a lot because of the nature of the information that is recorded. By definition civil pertains to citizens and there are a multitude of different records that define what is recorded.

Civil Registry Records are vital records that are recorded by the government such as; marriage records, divorce records, birth records, death records, adoption records and nationalization records. All of the civil registry records are recorded by the government as vital statistics. Although these vital records are public domain (except for juvenile and adoption records which are sealed), and should be available for look up by anyone, many times they are not.

Civil Record Searches for Pre and Post Employment
When an organization performs a background check, a review is usually made of both civil and criminal records. Each governmental unit determines which civil records to maintain and in what form those records will be made available to the public. Normally, civil records such as lawsuits and debt recordings or liens may be accessible. Civil records can provide additional background information about a prospective employee’s past behavior that may not appear when a search of his or her criminal records is conducted. It is important to note two things regarding Civil Record searches as they relate to Employment Screening process:

1.    Unlike Criminal Records, Civil Record searches are a “Name Match Only” search. Many times there will be a match to the name. Please make sure that the “Credit Reporting Agency” (Background Check Company) informs you of their procedures to determine that the “Name Only” match is of the person you are actually searching and not someone else wit the same name.

2.    Make sure that the “Credit Reporting Agency” (Background Check Company) understands the importance of giving you compliant information only as it relates to the Civil Search. If not, you may have a civil case against you!

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