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Random Testing For Substances of Abuse

DDS comprehensive drug testing services.

Random Testing For Substances of Abuse

Drug and alcohol use among employees is on the rise, and it’s costing companies big! From chronic lateness and absenteeism to high turnover rates, health care costs and an increase in Worker’s Compensation claims. Abuse and addiction are a plague on Businesses!

Random Drug Testing has been one of the most effective ways to deter the use of drugs in the workplace.

Random Drug Testing allows (by Policy) a random pool of employees to be established so that a schedule can be set up by administration to “pull” a specific fraction of the total number of subjects in the pool for testing. The “pull” is normally done by a “Third Party Administrator” (TPA). Numbers (not names) are pulled from the pool, so there is no chance of discrimination.

Those numbers are then associated with the corresponding employees name and the employee is notified when and where they will need to report for a drug test. Usually the timeframe between the notification and collection is 24 – 48 hours.

Although you cannot prove a negative, it is reasonable to assume that if there is proof of positive results in the workplace by having a Random Drug Testing program in place, then the consequences of not having a Random Drug Testing program in place could have an adverse effect in and around the workplace regarding issues including: